7 Biggest screen size smartwatches

There are many smartwatches you can find on the internet. Today, we will discuss smartwatches that have larger screen sizes and are currently available in 2024.

Smartwatch modelScreen size
Domiwear DM1002.86 inches
Ticwris Max2.8 inches
LEMFO LEMX2.3 inches
NEPTUNE Pine2.4 inches
VEA Buddy screen size2 inches
Apple Watch Series 51.7 inches
Samsung Gear 21.6 inches

If you are new to smartwatches, setting up and customizing a bigger smartwatch can be hectic. I have an article that will help you set up your smartwatch step-by-step.

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1. Domiwear DM100

Domiwear DM100

Domiwear DM100 is the biggest screen-size smartwatch currently available. Domiwear DM100 has a 2.86-inch screen and a screen resolution of 640×480

This watch has two different models.

  1. RAM 1GB + ROM 16GB
  2. RAM 3GB + ROM 32GB

This amazing watch has an IP67 standard waterproof feature in it.  

Main Features of Domiwear DM100

Phone Call,  HD Large Screen of 2.8 inches, (Support 4), GPS, App Download, Browser, Pedometer, Musiccontrol, Heart Rate Detection, several-Sport Mode, Find Phone option, Calendar, Recorder, Google Play, and  Google Map, etc. 

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2. Ticwris Max

Ticwris Max

This watch will be your favorite smartwatch if you want a smartwatch having a big size. Ticwris Max has a 2.86-inch screen and has a screen resolution of 480×640. This watch has the most updated and excellent features. 

This watch has an IP67 standard waterproof feature. This amazing watch also supports face id unlock feature which is really great.

This device has one version. 

  1. 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM

Main Features of Ticwris Max 

4g LTE support, LCD display, 8 megapixels camera, longer battery life (11 days battery life), Message, Music Sync Function, Google Map, Weather update, set an Alarm, APP Store, Sound Recorder, Heart rate measurement and Voice Search.

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NEPTUNE Pine watch has 2.4 large inch display and comes with the QVGA resolution of 320×240. The major drawback of this watch is that this smartwatch is a pretty OLD standard and doesn’t have the waterproof support. 

This watch has 2 different models. 

  1. 512MB RAM and 16GB mass storage
  2. 512MB RAM and 32GB mass storage

Main Features of NEPTUNE Pine  

Corning Gorilla Glass, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.2GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A5, micro sim card support, etc. 

See the latest price and more features here: amazon.



LEMFO LEMX Smartwatch has 2.03 Inch LTPS screen with a resolution of 640 x 590. This watch is waterproof with an IP67 standard. 

Note: (Not For Showering and Swimming). This smartwatch comes with the support of the nano sim card. 

Main Features of LEMFO LEMXmain

4G support, supports iOS 11.1 & Android 6.0 and above, voice translation feature. Heart Rate Monitor, Music control, Multiple Motion Modes, Pedometer, Ride-Hailing Service, Camera.

See the latest price and more features here: Amazon and Walmart.

5. VEA Buddy 

VEA Buddy

Number 5 on the list is VEA buddy smartwatch. VEA buddy smartwatch has a 2.0-inch horizontal screen size. This smartwatch comes with the most features. 

It has so many options that you might not be able to pick up your phone. This smartwatch supports 3ATM water resistance, which means you can occasionally contact it with water. It is suitable for swimming, rain, and outdoor activity.

Note: It’s not a totally waterproof watch.

Main Features of VEA Buddy

FB and Twitter notification, calendar notifications, music control, GPS 8mm thickness, 10 days battery life, calls, text messages, take photos, multimedia message etc.

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6. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

The most expensive and premier smartwatch with a larger display is the Apple watch series by Apple. Apple Watch Series 5 has a 1.7-inch display with a resolution of 448×368 pixels. The Apple watch is 50m water-resistant. 

Main Features of Apple Watch Series 5

Wireless charging support, OLED display, health tracking features, health tracking features, black ceramic and sapphire crystal backing ( for ECG), Fall detection, 18-hour battery life.

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7. Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2 comes with 1.63 inches with 320 pixel-wide square-shaped AMOLED touchscreen display.  Can work for 3 or 4 days on a one-time battery charge. Gear 2 is a pretty old model. So you won’t get the latest features on this watch. 

Anyway, this Gear 2 has IP67-certified dustproof and water-resistant features.

Note: Big smartwatches may emit significant amounts of EMF radiation. Read more about smartwatch safety precautions here?

Main Features of Samsung Gear 2

Notification of calls, messages, and third-party apps, Directly hands-free calling feature, voice command, 2MP camera, music control, fitness tracker heart monitoring, etc.

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That’s it…

I have mentioned all the large display screen smartwatches in this blog post. If I missed anything, please mention in the comment section. Also, let me know which one you found the coolest or most useful watch.