Best Apple Watch For Golf 2023

Did you know you could use the Apple Watch for golf? Yes, you can. However, other Apple Watches are better at tracking golf stats and stroke analytics than others. I talked to some 20 Apple Watch golfers through a simple questionnaire and gathered their views regarding Apple Watch and golf. I will give you the findings in this article.

However, note that Apple Watches come at different price points. Therefore, it is important to understand your budget. Once you know how much you are willing and able to spend, pick the best Apple Watch for golf from this guide. The criteria I used to rank the smartwatches are cost, golf GPS support, and ability to measure shot distance.

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Here is a summary of the best Apple smartwatches for golf:

Apple WatchCategory
#1 Series 7Best overall
#2 Series 5Best alternative
#3 Apple Watch SEBest cheap Apple Watch for golf

Best Overall: Apple Watch Series 7

source: wearable hacks

It is no doubt the latest and most comprehensive Apple Watch anyone can buy. It gives users a premium smartwatch experience. The Apple Watch Series 7 is the best Apple Watch overall for golf. The watch is effective on the golf course as well as outside the field. 

Half of the Apple Watch golfers I talked to recommended the Arccos Caddie app. Arccos Caddie has location data for over 40,000 golf courses in the world. Install the app, track your golf shots in real-time, and acquire accurate golf stats to improve your golfing skills. 

The app can improve your golf handicap by over five strokes. 

You don’t have to carry your iPhone to the golf course because the Apple Watch Series 7 is on your wrist.  It will free your hands, allowing you to focus on golf and play your way.

Most importantly, there is a seamless integration between the smartwatch’s WatchOS and iOS. That means the Apple Watch Series 7 is the best golf tracker for iPhone users. 

Apple Watch Series 7 has the biggest display of all the previous generation Apple Watches. It is available in two size options: 41mm and 45mm.

Reasons to buy

➕ The large screen increases its usability

➕ Best Apple Watch for golf

➕ Full range of health and fitness features

Reasons to avoid

➖ Costly

➖ Shorter battery life

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in various styles and prices. It is the latest Apple smartwatch with improved durability and fast charging. You can use it as a golf GPS to accurately track and take golf shots more easily.

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Best alternative: Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5
Source: wearable hacks

The Apple Watch Series 5 is only three years old. It was released in 2019 and is still the best alternative smartwatch for golf. Apple Watch Series 5 works best with Hello Birdie, a golf GPS app that works as your scorecard while showing you your golf stats.

Having Apple Watch Series 5 and Hello Birdie is like having a high-level caddie and GPS rangefinder on your wrist. The smartwatch uses GPS to communicate with orbiting satellites and measure distances on the golf course using pre-recorded locations.

Use the Apple Watch Series 5 to see your distance from the rest of the golf course, get satellite maps of golf holes, and view the distance from the shot and the golf destination. In other words, Apple Watch Series 5 eliminates guesswork and reduces missed golf strokes.

Like the Series 7, Apple Watch Series 5 is also packed with many health and fitness benefits. For instance, it has a built-in altimeter to measure your elevation on the golf course. The elevation is crucial for understanding where you shoot the golf and its destination.

Since the weather is a critical determinant of your golfing success, Series 5 can give you weather data to help you position your shot. 

For example, strong winds curve the golf more than usual. Use the Apple Watch Series 5 to see wind force and direction, air pressure, humidity, rain, and sunshine. 

You can use the Series 5 to track a bunch of other activities like walking and running. So at the end of the golf session, you will not only see your golf stats but also your number of steps and calories burned. 

The smartwatch will also give you customized recommendations for your golfing success.

Reasons to buy

➕ GPS golf tracking

➕ Always-on display

➕ More storage

Reasons to avoid

➖ Not so different from the Apple Watch 4

➖ 18-hour battery life

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 can measure wind direction and intensity. The smartwatch adapts to your position on the golf course and helps you follow a game plan. Use it to track your golf shots and get appropriate play recommendations.  

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Best cheap Apple Watch for golf: Apple Watch SE


Cost is one of the primary considerations when looking to buy the best Apple Watch for Golf. If you are on a tight budget and you need a caddie for your golf training and competitions, consider the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE is much cheaper and has the features you need to make golfing easy and fun. However, unlike the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch SE does not have an always-on display. Using it on the golf course might mean waking it up now and again.

Nevertheless, it has a premium design and a great range of features. You can use the Apple Watch SE to get quick and accurate distances to golf holes. Therefore, you will know the right club for every shot and commit to those golf shots much more easily.

There is a host of Apple Watch apps you can use for golf in your Apple Watch SE. You can use Hole19, 18Birdies, or GolfShot among many others. Not only does it allow you to track your golf stats, but you will also share your love of golf with other golfers worldwide.

Besides, you don’t have to buy additional Apple smartwatches for your activities. The Apple Watch SE is quite easy to customize. For example, the elastic wrist band is exchangeable. That means you can change the smartwatch’s appearance to fit your sporting events.

Although it is affordable, Apple Watch SE has an accelerometer, altimeter, and gyroscope. These safety sensors can detect your pace, falls, and elevation changes. 

Therefore, Apple Watch SE is the best cheap Apple Watch not just for golfers but also for older family members.

Reasons to buy

➕ GPS golf tracking

➕ Premium design

➕ Huge app library

Reasons to avoid

➖ No always-on display

➖ Short battery life

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is the best cheap alternative GPS smartwatch for golf. It has plenty of features including an always-on altimeter to measure elevation, which has a significant impact on golf yardage. 


Apple Watches are invaluable wearables for Golf GPS. With an Apple Watch Series7, Series 5, or Apple Watch SE, you can track your golf shots, improve your strokes, and compete against millions of golfers worldwide. 

All you need to do is install the apps I have mentioned in this guide. An app like Arccos Caddie can improve your golf handicap by over five strokes. Most importantly, you get instant feedback on your swings and how to fix your swing faults.

However, apart from golfing, Apple Watch provides significant health and fitness features for users. More advanced health features might need premium subscriptions. Nevertheless, the free features are enough to keep your golfing top-notch.

Do you use Apple Watch for golf? 

Or are you having problems using your Apple Watch for golf? Let’s have a conversation in the comments below.