Smartwatches are now in huge demand. A massive interest has been driven over them due to its effective feature related to health and fitness as well as SP O2 level. 

Smartwatches weren’t smart until they were connected by smartphone. With the Bluetooth access feature, people can manage the calls and notifications easily through their wrists. 

But, can you use it without Bluetooth? Is that possible? 

Eager to know? Let’s find out!!!

Does A Smartwatch Work Without Bluetooth?

Yes, a smartwatch can work without Bluetooth. It depends on the kind of smartwatch you have. Different types of smartwatches have different features associated with them which enables one to use or connect to their smartphone with or without Bluetooth. 

How can you connect your smartphone without Bluetooth? 

You can connect your smartwatch to your phone using Wi-Fi: 

If your watch is paired with an Android phone and has Wi-Fi, it can automatically connect to save Wi-Fi networks. This lets your watch and phone automatically stay synced at any distance over the Internet.

You will get notifications and use voice search on your watch throughout your home and work even when you leave your phone in another room. Connect your phone using Wi-Fi: 

  • Press the middle pusher and power up the display.
  • Enter the app menu.
  • Scroll and tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Connectivity.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi off, turn it on. When on, the Wi-Fi will say Automatic.

If Wi-Fi is set to automatic it can connect to any known device. To make your Wi-Fi connectivity private follow the steps: 

  • Tap on Add network.
  • Find your network and tap.
  • Start the Wear OS by Google app.
  • Tap Enter on phone to complete password entry.
  • Enter password on phone.

You can use with the sim card: 

Some smartwatches have SIM card slots. If you have this type of smartwatch, you can use most of the same features as a regular smartphone.

A standalone smartwatch with SIM card support is all you need to start making phone calls from your wrist.

List of Smartwatches That work without Bluetooth?: 

Apple Watch Series 4: The Apple Watch Series 4 can make and receive calls, messages, and even work like a walkie-talkie with other Apple Watch users. It’s currently the best standalone smartwatch on the market.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is the newcomer in the industry. It’s the latest iteration of the Samsung Gear LTE smartwatch series. 

Samsung Gear watches work best with Samsung phones. So if you are a Samsung smartphone owner, this could be the one for you.

Samsung Gear S: The Samsung Gear S is a lovely-looking smartwatch with a curved Super AMOLED display.

This is the first Samsung smartwatch that supports a micro SIM card and lets users make calls and send and receive messages.

Ticwatch E:  A very popular smartwatch due to its attractive price point and variety of features. It’s primarily a fitness watch and works well with fitness apps like Strava and Google Fit which can be easily downloaded and integrated.

LG Urbane 2nd Edition LTE Smartwatch: The LG Urbane 2nd Edition keeps the classy look of a regular watch but has all the premium features of a modern smartwatch. This device is powered by Android Wear OS, an operating system made especially for wearables by Android.

BURG Neon 16A: The BURG Neon 16A is a very cheap GSM watch with limited features. However, it still manages to perform some nifty little tricks. This smartwatch without a phone supports all GSM networks. It also can provide two-way Bluetooth-based communication, send and receive SMS messages, and make calls.


Which was the best according to you? Was it an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear?

Well, in my opinion, Apple is the best among all, well if you are looking out for a lesser price, you might opt for Samsung Gear S3 or S. 

I hope I can help you out. Do tell me which you consider best for you?