Ticwatch E vs E2

Ticwatch E and E2 come with a simple design. Ticwatch E2 is the new version of Ticwatch E. 

The question that comes in my mind about the watch is that is it worth to spend more money to get E2 over E?  

Both of the smartwatches are some of the most popular choices among fitness lovers, including me. These two are moderately priced low with great quality. 

There are very few differences between Ticwatch E and E2.

For example, E has speakers but E2 doesn’t. E2 has 30% more battery then E. 

Are you thinking of buying a Ticwatch? Want to know which is better between ticwatch E and E2?

Now I am going to compare the Ticwatch E and E2 which will help you make your buying decision better. 

Ticwatch E

The argument continues that the Ticwatch isn’t a great watch. Some people say it does not provide anything unique. 

However, when you see the price tag, you will disagree with these statements. It provides a ton of functionalities with lesser price. 

With simple design, you can use it in different ways. Whether you need to answer your calls or text messages with voice or you need to keep track of your fitness, it provides you with the ultimate package at the most affordable price.

  • It provides you with a great battery backup. You can get a full two days without charge with your screen on.
  • This smartwatch is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • It is a super affordable wear OS smartwatch
  • Decent heart rate sensor
  • it is integrated with Great third party apps for music streaming, running etc.
  • Easy to change straps whenever you needed
  • It supports Google Maps and Google Assistant.
  • It has good fitness features
  • It has built-in GPS but required connected GPS in addition to work
  • It has plastic construction, it is not premium build quality
  • It is not waterproof for swimming.


  • It has a diameter of 44 mm
  • It has thickness of 13.55 mm and weight of 41.5 g
  • it is compatible with a wide range of devices like Android 4.3 above and  iOS 9
  • It has anti scratch glass
  • It it has touch screen display of 1.44″ OLED, 400×400, 287 dpi
  • It has bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It also provides you with Mike and speakers
  • It has heart rate proximity, accelerometer, gyroscope and e compass like sensors
  • battery life up to 48 hours with normal users about 1.5 days.
  • Waterproof rating IP67

Ticwatch E is one of the affordable Android wear smartwatches and this is one of the biggest selling points for the Ticwatch E. In comparison with other wear OS smartwatches, it is probably the most affordable smartwatch nowadays. It provides you with a great amount of features in such an affordable price tag. 

It has its built-in GPS in its strap. This will help you with better GPS accuracy. A ticwatch E has a built-in GPS but it is inside the watch and it also requires GPS being connected to your phone.

Ticwatch E also supports fitness activities well. It provides you with built-in heart rate sensor GPS and its own health apps.

It also supports many third party fitness apps. Even some of the more expensive watches also do not provide you with such features which are provided by ticwatch E.

Moreover it has a built in mic and speaker. It simply means that whenever you get notification on your smartphone you can directly get it to your wrist.

When equity is paired to your phone you are able to make or receive calls easily because of it’s built-in mic and speaker. You’re also responding to text messages by voice. 

And I know replying to text messages by typing on a small screen is quite difficult so you can easily reply to your messages by using voice. 

I personally prefer to have speakers on my smartwatch. It enables me to make and receive calls to my smart watch. Moreover it is also good for some fitness apps.

It also helps me with navigational apps. It is helpful to have audio prompts whenever you are driving and using navigation it is difficult to have an eye on the watch face for direction on information.

Talking about battery life, I think it might be the most important thing to consider whenever you are thinking of buying a smartwatch. The battery life of the Ticwatch e is not so good. 

Ticwatch e has improved the GPS sensor. Ticwatch e seems to have much better GPS accuracy and reliability. It connects fastly, stays connected, and is accurate.

On the health prospective, another thing that comes to my mind is sensors.

Ticwatch e provides you with a heart rate sensor. It helps you in your workouts. And tracks your daily activity. There are many other activities which are supported by the ticwatch e. 

  • Freestyle
  • Cycling
  • Indoor run
  • Outdoor walk

It is very beneficial having android wear. Initially I didn’t care for the overall experience of navigating through the android wear operating system. But further when i come to know it’s capabilities,

I am in love with it.

I explore the different hiking and fitness apps on the watch. I also enjoy the google assistant and google maps on my wrist. Are used navigation prompts whenever i use to drive and set a location. 

So I prefer these smartwatches having Android wear. 

Ticwatch E is very comfortable and lightweight and a fun watch to wear. It also supports the music. It also supports most popular music streaming audio apps through which you can listen to your favourite music. 

You can also pair up your bluetooth headphones with your smartwatch.

All and all I can say, that ticwatch E is an excellent option if you are looking to buy a smartwatch with Android wear. The best part is that It comes with affordable price, features and stylish design. 

Ticwatch E has got your back, whether you need to answer your calls or text messages through voice or you want to to track your heart rate aur play music while running. You can do it all simply from your wrist through your ticwatch e smartwatch.

Ticwatch E2

Ticwatch E2 is a smartwatch which provides you a number of functions at an affordable price. Ticwatch E2 is a smartwatch with a big face. 

Ticwatch E2 is used with a number of countless traps. The smartwatch is lightweight and comfortable to wear. you can wear it all day long without getting discomfort.

It supports the wear OS by Google. It helps you with your fitness. You can activate your self fitness assistant. With ticwatch E2 you can track your running, monitor Your swimming etc. 

When it comes to the battery then the battery backup of ticwatch E2 smartwatch is not so good.

  • It supports AI fitness features
  • This smartwatch is swim and surf proof
  • It satisfies you with good performance
  • It has quite big shop screen
  • It has plenty of features for the money
  • ticwatch E2 provides you with many features at a budget-friendly price
  • It does not support NFC
  • It has quite less battery backup
  • It is quite big and chunky
  • It is not support sleep tracking
  • It does not have automatic brightness
  • It is apparent and inelegant


  • It has 512 MB of ram and 4GB of storage
  • The screen size is 1.39 inch, AMOLED (400×400 px)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100.
  • It support wear OS operating system
  • It has standard 22mm watch straps
  • Compatible bread both Android and IOS
  • Connectivity Bluetooth v 4.1 and Wi-Fi
  • It has sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor etc
  • Battery capacity of 415 mAH

Ticwatch E2 provides you with a big face watch. At 46.9 mm it’s definitely one of the larger sides. And has a display of 1.39 inch. In ticwatch E2 the button has moved from the left side of the display to the right side. This is one of the main differences from ticwatch e to ticwatch E2. This difference is more standard for smart watches.

Overall, the Ticwatch E2 is a good looking watch. The casing of the watch is made up of polycarbonate. The weight of the ticwatch E2 is about 55 g. It is a pretty comfortable watch. 

Ticwatch E2 is a very thick smartwatch. It now has the water resistance to 5 ATM or 50 metres. It means now you can swim and surf  aur take a shower without worrying. 

What has the standard straps of 22mm. While the ticwatch e 2 is not a sporty model. But the included silicone strap is absolutely fine for exercise. You can easily do your workouts wearing this silicone strap. Your moisture and sweat will easily cope with this strap. 

When you turn the watch, you will see there is a heart rate monitor and charging pin which works with the magnetic charger.

It has a big screen. Its screen is plenty sharp; it means you can easily read your messages on the display in the bright sunlight. There is also an option of low power always on display which provides space in the formation when the display is not in use. 

It has only one hardware button by which you will be interacting with the touchscreen. 

Ticwatch E2 comes with the wear OS. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 chip inside. Moreover, it has a 512 MB of ram and 4GB of storage. 

Alongside incoming notifications are better presented now. You can easily reply to your messages. Ticwatch E2 provides a quick reply option from which you can quickly reply to your WhatsApp messages and answer calls also. 

When you receive a notification you will get a nice and strong vibration from the watch. By this you don’t miss your important notifications. 

There is one option which is missing in ticwatch E2 is NFC payments option. it cannot support Google pay contactless payments without an NFC chip inside. So simply you are not able to pay your bills from your smart watch directly.

Along with the fitness side it helps you to track your fitness. it has accelerometer and heart rate monitor on board. You can track your standard step counting with the help of ticwatch E2. You can also set a target each day. This is known as one of the best fitness trackers.

But one thing missing in ticwatch e2 is the sleep tracking. There is no option to capture your sleep data overnight. You cannot track your sleep pattern with ticwatch E2.

Beyond this there is built in GPS for you. If you want a greater tracking accuracy for your outdoor workouts the ticwatch E2 is the best choice for you. heart rate monitoring of ticwatch E2 is also very accurate. 

If I talk about the basic sports tracking, the ticwatch E2 does a decent enough job of covering the fundamentals. 

It is water resistance. This means that ticwatch E2 can also track your swimming pool activities. Ticwatch is also able to identify different stroke types in the pool. It works pretty well during the swim test. 

With a single charge and with the always on display turned on it was seeing about a day and a half. The battery life is not so good. Without use of GPS and after the 24 hours without charge the watch would be at around 40%

If you are using your GPS for about 30 minutes then it took the battery down for about 15%. This means the GPS tracking the consume a lot of battery

If you are planning to get a premium wear over smart watch with the affordable price then you should consider the ticwatch E2. It is a good looking smartwatch and is well built. The performance of ticwatch E2 is  good. it tracks your exercise on a daily basis and has a decent battery life. but it lacks when you come to know that it does not support NFC payments.


Both the devices have got the designs and features of a decent smartwatch. They are also focused on fitness. If you are into fitness, you will love both the Ticwatch E2 as well as Ticwatch E.

Both the watches look quite decent enough to warrant the price tag on each. However, one of them which is E2 is being slightly slimmer and sleeker and a more decent looking smartwatch. It looks smart on your wrist. On the other hand, the ticwatch e is a watch which is thick and does not look nice on the wrist. 

Ticwatch E2 is swim proof with 5 ATM which is about 500 metres waterproof. It has been rated IP67 waterproof. E2 has slightly longer battery life compared with E. Which means ticwatch E2 lasts a little longer as compared to Ticwatch E.

In a nutshell, Ticwatch E2 is a better choice. The E2 has a more stylish design and more features and is a better smartwatch. If you want something a little more classy and If you are thinking of buying one of them then you should think about Ticwatch E2.

The classic models are a great way to get a leather band or metal one that looks really spectacular.

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